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-erika pope

The Sow Co. is all about manifesting light into your everyday life. I am a firm believer in the connection of messaging and energy. My goal is to share this methodology with the world. Spreading love and light elevates you. Create a world that radiates positivity. Sow the seeds today that you want to see blossom tomorrow. 

Hi I'm Erika Pope - Marketing Executive, Public Speaker, Women's Empowerment Enthusiast, Investor, and one of my favorite, but often forgotten about titles...artist. Many see me wear several hats, but rarely see my artistic side. In fact, most people don't even realize I have an art degree! The Sow Co. is birthed from the desire to feed one of my most precious traits, my artistic creativity. Every item in my shop has been specially designed and curated by me, and seeks to exude strength, love, passion, evoke emotional and spiritual peace and solitude, oh and of course add something authentic and beautiful to your life! 

I feel empowered

by empowering 


affirmation cards, art prints, home decor


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